Monday, July 13, 2009

Part 2: The Skrip.

I dunno if you guys know this, but Chuck's pretty lazy. I offered to take him to the strip to see the sites, but he just wanted to hit up a liquor store and find the cheapest whore in town. Therefore, his pictures from the strip were shitty, at best.

Here we are at the famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign. As soon as we drove up, I noticed a tour bus full of old people pull up beside us. I know you're supposed to respect your elders and all that noise, but I knew Chuck wouldn't wait for all those oldies (but goodies!) to figure out how to work those new-fangles cameras, so we hauled ass to beat them up the walkway. Good thing too, cause GOD THEY WERE SLOW! Cute, but slow.

So I told Alex to take Chuck up to the sign and take the picture but then this Swedish dude was all "HULLOWOULDYOULIKEHMETOTAKEPICSHUH?" "Huh?" Then he just took my camera from me in the international language of "get your fat ass up there." So I did it! Our first family portrait. THANKS SWEDEN! First Ikea, now this...
Here's me and Chuckory chillin' waiting for the Bellagio water show to start.
It gets better than this, but it's hard to get an unruly chicken and unpredictable water fountains together for one shot. This was like the 50th take!

Eiffel Tower!

Eatin' balls!

Dry humpin...

Omg, look at that fanBOI!

So...Chuck's last night in town got a little outta hand. I'll be posting the pictures tomorrow but be warned that shit gets...a little crazy. Put the children to bed before you log in tomorrow night.

Here's a teaser:


  1. That dude has a total six-pack.

  2. I feel a chicken joke coming on...very funny!

  3. Love Me Chicken Tenders!
    Boy Howdy! I can't wait :D

  4. *cracks up at love me chicken tenders* classic.

    that dude has a total 8 pack!

  5. lol @ Julie askin if the guy is single! HAHA!

    I effin love Ikea!

  6. OMG I'm laughin' too hard to type.!

  7. hysterical...the shot of the back of chuck's head as he gazes in wonder at the eiffel tower is what got me!!

  8. lOl loving it. keepin' it real chuck!